Texas Alumni High 
School Baseball Coaches Association
February 2020 Newsletter
The Waco Convention was a success this year even though we had to contend with the weather and all the hype that went with it from Radio and TV. The forecast said it was to be cold and rainy, the predictions also called for high winds blowing the rain sideways and possible tornados. An announcement was even made that showed us the route to the emergency shelter in case there were tornados. 
Our choices were then twofold: to ride out the convention in the emergency shelter or go to George’s and ride the storm out there, George’s won out by a wide margin! Why not go and relax, talk baseball, and tell stories about the Game we love to play and coach. I firmly believe after listening to these tales that not one Coach has ever lost a game, lost an argument with an umpire or had a player of his hit less than .450! All these remembered events were told in the presence of rain, hail and lightning, so they must be the truth because we made it through without a scratch!!
All of this radical attention to weather ate into the attendance throughout the convention, but as old school coaches can do, we did, and stayed through to the end and it proved to be a success, as usual.
Our annual meeting was again held in the bowels of the convention hall, a good place for us to have our meeting. Our agenda was short, quick and to the point. 
Attendance at the meeting was good, a quick head count tallied at about forty coaches. That is a good number of coaches to attend in spite of all the weather whoopla. I guess it’s true that it is hard to keep good men down!
Jim Long discussed the need for help in getting pictures of any All-Star Games of any year. These photos would be put in the Kiosk that is housed at the Texas High School Hall of Fame in Brenham, Texas (The Blue Bell Ice Cream Factory!!!). So if you have any All-Star pictures of any year you can send them to Jim at the Hall of Fame or to me, I will make sure that they are put into Jim’s hands.
At the banquet on Friday evening we gave two one thousand dollar scholarships, these two scholarships represented the 15th and 16th one thousand dollar scholarships that we have presented to graduating seniors since the beginning of our organization in 2013. The scholarships were given to Miss Kaylee Welsh and Mr. Jack Leslie who were very grateful to the association, both fine young students that are in the final stages of their educational goals of getting their DIPLOMA!!
Remember coaches that your membership in the Retired coaches association helps to provide these scholarships that are given out each year. The scholarships that are given by our organization are for our grandchildren, so that makes them even that more special when we present them to these graduating seniors, remember It takes 50 members to provide one scholarship, that is the way to step up to the plate guys, way to go!!
Our membership as of this letter is at 120 and counting, so please pass the word to your fellow coaches that have retired that we are in existence and encourage them to either renew their membership or join the Retired coaches association. We are calling, e-mailing, mailing reminders to coaches to re-register for 2020. If you know of coaches that were past members or coaches that have not joined, have them give Ronnie, Chip or myself a call and we will take it from there.
Tom Collins spoke of an idea that has taken a toe hold in South Houston that was started by Rudy Alvarez. Rudy and a group of coaches meet once a month at a local restaurant for breakfast. These meetings bring together coaches that may have not seen each other for some time and gives them the opportunity to play catch up on all that has happened in each of their lives, talk a little baseball, and remember how the game used to be played. If this is possible in one area, like South Austin, then why would it not be able to get started in other cities throughout the State of Texas? If you have any questions, give Rudy or Tom a call and they will help. 
Spring has sprung, it is workout time in Texas, cuts, never a good time as I remember. Practice time which is never enough is at a premium all the time, the smell of freshly cut grass (unless you have turf), the sound of bats hitting balls are all in the air, it is another year of Baseball!! Remember that with your membership card you will be able to get into baseball games, both high school and college in the State of Texas. So maybe I will see you at the ball park, I will be the one with the large popcorn box, big Baby Ruth and large diet soda!
I do want to thank two coaches that help me and that is Ronnie Clanton and Chip Nila. These guys make things happen when it comes time for the convention and throughout the year. A big thank you to them for their dedication to the Retired coaches association. 
Some of you may have heard along the way that we are in talks with the Director of the main association, Rex Sanders. We have asked Rex if it is possible to have the Retired coaches be given a little advertisement during the convention and throughout the year on the web site. We figured that with the main organization having a membership of about 6,000 and out of that six thousand approximately fifty coaches retire from baseball each year, that’s less than 1 %. Out of that 1% which is about 50 or so coaches that retire, then if we could get at least 25 or so of those coaches retiring then our membership would increase significantly each year!
With that thought in mind we have approached Coach Sanders, if we could get an announcement before, during, and after a speaker, telling those potential retiring coaches that we are just outside in a booth waiting to explain who and what we are. That would help in the advertisement of the Retired coaches association. A big thank you to the association for that gesture, it will help us immensely.
That is it in a nutshell, hope that we have brought you some much needed information. So its “Happy Trails” time and hope that you are getting ready for the upcoming Baseball season.
Ya’ll take care, yours for Texas Baseball,

Joe Ray

Joe Ray Halsey

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