Texas Alumni High School Baseball Coaches Association
15 June 2020
This is surely one of the most odd and strangest times that I have had to sit down and write one of our newsletters. How can I get across to you the hope that this newsletter finds you, your family and circle of friends with worn out but well washed hands that have been scrubbed with soap and fumigated with hand sanitizer twenty or thirty times a day or more, what if we didn’t go anywhere, did we still have to wash our hands that many times?. Also throw in a mask tan line to die for! And then with the added and dreaded 15 – 20 “lbs” (pounds) that we have added to our little tiny bodies for the stay at home shelter in place rule that we have had to follow, those “lbs” have added up to our morning weigh-in and girth of our ever expanding little bodies, but who is counting? RIGHT!!
Normality has not even begun to set in to this day, to say we have or may still have to shelter in place due to the additional amount of coronavirus-19 coming back into prominence, plus the added fact of the social unrest that has cause for a more greater concern, so as the summer starts we are all in utter chaos, as it already has made it to the middle of June! 
It cannot be summer, there is no baseball,…..………..yet. Baseball has slowly begun in the youth summer leagues, none to speak of in the high school or colleges but now the Major Leagues are arguing over how much each is to be paid because of the shortened season. It’s a mess! Baseball as we once knew it will never be the same. The High School and college games should return next year, but under more stringent rules that will affect the size of the teams and where the fans will be able to sit. MLB, who knows, it is even rumored that there will be three to four seats between people attending games, hopefully the sides can come together. It will be a strange next few months, ………………………then there is football?
The green grass of June and warmer temperatures should provide a good avenue for fishing, boating or golf and as in my case it is called flogging!! And of course if you are talking fishing you need to get hold of “Ole Captain Hook Himself, the Diamond Cutter in the third base coaching box at Wharton High School in Wharton Texas, Captain Floy Ciruti. if you need want to fish in the Gulf, this is who to call for your pole dipping needs, Captain Floyd Ciruti, (979.533.0893) he can make it happen an really take care of you and your fishing needs!
The very mention of sports means we must observe the social distancing. I guess that means getting creative dancing moves at Gruene Hall in New Braunfels Texas to just a big long line, remember no touching, just six foot spacing! 
Enough, we have some bigger fish to fry and discuss on what has happened to our season.
The 2020 Season?????????????????????????????????????
What happened? Here today, gone tomorrow? We were just cruising along, had just made cuts, a few scrimmages worked in, a tournament and all of a sudden slam bam thank you Ma’m, Katie did bar the door. The dreaded coronavirus-19 or 20 hit like a clean-up hitter and wiped us all out and off the base paths for a good solid four months! Nothing has ever occurred that has totally stopped a baseball season dead in its tracks like it did this season. No practices, no games, no school, a complete lockout. The age of the computer had finally come full circle, school was on TV along with Batman and Robin, The Cisco Kid, Superman, Mr. Rogers and Captain Kangaroo!! 
Parents began to work from their homes, doing their jobs, no commutes, shelter in place, along with teaching their kids the A-B-C’s and 1-2-3’s, what a life changing event that was and is. 
I think for the most part our profession as educators has taken on a more meaningful status amongst the parents of today, at least we may be moving off the bottom rung of the professional ladder. Here’s hoping for that to come!! 
The 2020 Playoffs
With no season to play meant no playoff games to go to, you couldn’t following a team throughout the playoffs and on to the state finals in Round Rock. What a sad state of affairs!
The State Tournament 
It did not happen this spring as well. I am so sorry for the Coaches and players for this season, this chance will be no more, it will be an asterisk in their life along with the UIL. That once in a lifetime shot, for those of you that have been there, you know what I am talking about, that wonderful feeling of accomplishment and success, just a wishful thought and glimmer. 
The All-Star Game 
Was not conducted this year. The accumulation of the best of the best in the State of Texas, best ERA, Wins, Batting Average, Arms, Speed and Hustle, all that Texas has to offer each year. No radar guns, no scholarship offers, no draft as we once knew it. I am sorry for all those Coaches and Players who will not get this chance ever again.
The Alumni Honorary Coaches who were scheduled to coach this year at the All-Star Game will Coach in the All-Star Game in 2021. The Active Coaches Association adopted this rule with their Coaches and we are followed suit.  I believe this was a fair and necessary move on our part. The All-Star Game and the chance to be on the field one more time is important. 
The Coaches that were to coach in the 2021 All- Star game will coach in the 2022 Game.
The coaches for the 2021 All-Star Game were as follows:
Coach Jimmy Davis – Odessa Permian High School – Coach Ronnie Clanton and I made the trip to Hamlin, Texas to present Coach Davis’ ring, you talk about a happy camper, and he was overjoyed and was very humbled when he received his ring.
Coach Eugen Gary Dreyer – Midlothian High School – Coach Ronnie Clanton made the presentation to Coach Dreyer at a local café in Midlothian, Texas where they meet each morning for coffee. Midlothian is considered the Rome Italy of Coaches, it’s like going to the Vatican City of Coach’s, and they all live there!! 
Coach Tim Dyson – Tomball High School – Coach Ronnie Clanton and I made the trip to Cransfill Gap Texas to present Coach Dyson his ring, yes your right it’s like going back in time to Joe Palooka’s home town, we stepped back in time and went to a great BBQ place for lunch.
Coach Ernie Johnson – Midland High School – Coaches Tim Whalen, Ronnie Clanton (Chip lives in southeast Texas so all the coaches lived in the north or the Pan Handle which was a long road trip for him) and I made the trip to Midland to present the All-Star Ring to Coach Johnson. Coach was doing just fine and still can tell a good story. Coach Tim Whalen came to Midland from Alpine to present Coach with his ring. The Midland Gazette sent a photographer to take pictures and ran a story about the presentation by the Alumni Coaches and the presentation to Coach Johnson for all his accomplishments in his coaching career. The best part of the whole trip was when Mrs. Johnson broke out some very tasty cookies and coffee!!
Coach David Mayfield – Fredericksburg High School - Rumor has it that Coach Mayfield had a great blow out in Fredericksburg the day of his ring presentation. Coach Diz Reeves came up from San Antone to present Coach Mayfield with his ring. Ole Diz did a great job with his introductory speech. There were 50 - 65 plus former players that came to honor Coach Mayfield. There was even a golf tournament and BBQ along with the more towns folk plus the Mayor of Fredericksburg attended the blowout. It was rumored that the President might fly into Johnson City and rush on over for some “Q” but we don’t know if that was a for sure or not!! Coach Mayfield said it was the first and only time that no upset parents ever attended one of his swaree’s. A first at last!!
The trips to see these coaches were very gratifying and fun, a pleasure to Honor these men for their accomplishments in Texas High School Baseball. 
Presently we have 140 members, we are just ten members short of our goal of 150, hopefully we can obtain that goal in 2021. 
We are financially sound and ready to go for next year to Waco. I want to thank Ronnie Clayton for his help in ring ceremony and his hard work in getting the rings ordered and to those coaches for this year’s All-Star Game. He is the man and a good friend. 
Lastly, I want to wish all of our membership and their families a fun summer and pray for the end to this dreaded virus that has inflicted so much grief and devastation upon us. I pray this world returns to whatever normal was and what you remember it was.
REMEMBER - When in doubt – wash your hands, blow your nose on your sleeve, wear your mask or you could get into a confrontation. It is hard to wear that damn mask and chew at the same time………….I have the stains to prove it!
It’s time to fade into the sunset with Happy Trails sung in the background by Roy, Dale and the Sons of the Pioneers!!
Until the fall my friends,
Joe Ray

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