Texas Alumni High School

Baseball Coaches Association

2018 November Newsletter


As I take pen in hand and begin this month’s newsletter, I realized staring into the monitor that I am writing to the best group of individuals in the State of Texas: TEXAS Baseball Coaches!
Retired – Yes, but not forgotten, you are a force within the confines of the Baseball World in the State of Texas! Congratulations again and again for your ability to teach, mold, educate, inspire and most of all motivate thousands of ballplayers that have gone through your individual programs. All these programs were different in their own way but all had one undying quality and that was to learn the fundamentals of the game of Baseball, which in turn those ballplayers took it to their own individual lives and became fundamentally sound young men in their own right. Successful in their own life! A job well done Gentleman!!
I do hope that ya’ll are in good health and good spirits and that you are enjoying this time of year. The sweltering heat is virtually behind us for a while and the cool days of our winter are upon us. Fall is a great time of the year, (not the best!), the end of summer, the start of the football, the Baseball Playoffs, The World Series, can it get any better than that? The Astros missed out on repeating as World Series Champions, the Brewers had a great chance on almost making it to the Series. Which leaves the LA
Dodgers vs the Boston Red Sox. It will be a cross country Series, hot to cold, cold to hot, and the Sox take a one game lead in the series, ain’t that a kick in the head! First things first, I want to congratulate Coach Ken Scott Lee – Carthage High School and Coach Woody Champagne – Cypress Fairbanks on being selected for induction into the 2019 Texas High School Baseball Coaches Associations Hall of Fame. These two coaches are of outstanding character and leaders in their respective communities and have established two distinctive baseball programs at each of their high schools. It is a great honor to their hard work and perseverance that has made them into the two outstanding coaches that they have become, CONGRATLATIONS!!
We are gearing up for the convention in Waco! So that means we are asking you to get those membership forms into Chip Nila as soon as you can. We currently have 46 members that have signed up for 2019, we finished up with 150 members for 2018. We would like to have that membership move on up to 175, this is a very reachable number but we need to get the word out to coaches that have just retired and those coaches that have been members previously and get them back in the fold so to speak. If you would encourage any of the coaches in either of those two categories to sign up we would encourage you to do so, you are our best salesmen! Thank You! A word of caution when you do get your convention credentials back from Chip, put them in a safe place so only you know where they are and can get them at a moment’s notice. Don’t leave them on your desk, or in your pile of important papers, or next to your chair because it may be that your better half of many years may clean up and put them where only she knows where they are, leaving you in total darkness as to where she put them. Just a word of wisdom and lesson learned (again) from my wife tidying up and moving my important papers!! Chip will get your registration credentials back to you as quickly as possible, barring any computer malfunctions or printer running out of ink. It will be a quick turnaround. Be sure and check the boxes that ask if you have been an All- Star coach or not and also to put in your date of birth, that would help considerably. Also be sure to make your checks out to TAHSBCA that would sure help us out, thanks again. We have been asked to help the main association by manning the station that has the laminating machine! The cost of laminating your membership card is only $1.00, so when you come by our table while you’re in Waco have your membership card laminated. Just another service that we will be able to provide for all coaches in both associations. At this time I want to congratulate the 2019 Honorary Coaches for the All-Star
Game, they are:
North Coaches:
Julian Pressly – Odessa High School
Calvin Wells – Dallas Kimble High School
South Coaches:
Chip Nila – Houston Spring Woods High School
Diz Reeves – San Antonio ISD
Hats off to these well deserving coaches, they will honor us well at the All-Star Game in June. Our ad this year in the All-Star Program will be done in a more professional manner. Richard Wright, owner of Wright Publishing Company, The Woodlands, Texas, has taken the task of adding a better look to the ad we previously had. It will still be in black and white but will look a whole lot better than before!! We owe a great deal of gratitude to Mr. Wright and his team of technicians for doing the ad and helping each year with our membership cards. His donation of card stock and technical help gives us the ability to get those membership cards out to you. Thank You Mr. Wright! With the survival of Halloween, you can now start setting your sights on Thanksgiving. The time from October through the first of January seems to be the best time of the year when people think of other people, it’s a great to see the care that people have for others. That brings us to the end of this newsletter, I hope that it has brought you some information and has brought you up to date. Remember if you need anything or have any questions just give me, Ronnie or Chip a shout and we will be glad to help you any way we can, we are here for you! With that being said, I will bring this to a close and hope that you will have had great Halloween and wonderful Thanksgiving, take care.
Yours for Texas Baseball,
Joe Ray
Joe Ray Halsey
Attached for your use, for any that have not registered for 2019, is a registration
Hope to hear from you soon,
Joe Ray
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