Texas Alumni High School Baseball Coaches Association
December Newsletter
Here it is the 30th of December already and this is the first Happy New Year salutation that I have sent, my how time does fly. The next thing you know, we will be celebrating the New Year. Where are the brakes for this passage of time that is going by so quickly, we can’t seem to slow the pace down, now can we?!?  I do hope that you were ready for the Christmas Holidays and that you did indeed get all of your shopping done in time. So here is a Belated Merry Christmas! Now I do hope that this newsletter finds you taking a well-deserved break and taking some much needed rest before jumping into 2019. Break out that eggnog and Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum, Jim Beam, Gentleman Jack, Jack Daniels and reflect on 2018 and enjoy a well-deserved cocktail to 2018.  Here’s hoping that your favorite football team made the playoffs and went to Jerry’s World in Dallas for the State Championship Finals. From what I saw and heard there were some very well played games that drew the attention of many thousands for those attending those championship final games.

That included that 6A barn burner between North Shore and Duncanville. The “Hail Mary” to the end zone was something to see for sure, it made all the national news outlets and was even featured on ESPN’s “Play of the Week”! It is too bad that one team had to lose in such a closely played ball game, it sure does cover the ole saying of “The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat” to a T!

Now down to some brass tacks, the Convention in Waco is fast approaching, January 10-12, 2019. We hope that you might be able to attend, we would sure like to see you there to solidify old friendships and cultivate some new good times! But even if you can’t make it, we will be sending out another newsletter with what happened and try to bring you up to date on what took place at the convention. We are learning slow but sure on how to incorporate pictures, so if we can swing it, we will do so in the newsletter following the convention, say some prayers for us!!
Should you decide to go to Waco and have not renewed your membership, remember you can get your credentials at the convention - No standing in line, we have our own area, the whole operation is very quick and painless. The dues are still just $20.00 dollars. With the dues from your memberships we have been able to donate $8,000 in scholarship money due to your membership dues.  This year we have 3 scholarships winners. The reason being was that we only had 3 people apply, all were quite equal, so a decision was made that we divide our $2000 budget by three and we are giving out three $750.00 scholarships this year.

In the past we would only get one or two nominations per year, this year we received three, this is a good problem for us to have. With an increase in membership we can raise the amount of each scholarship given and give out more scholarships or make the amount of the scholarships higher and therefore making it a more lucrative award. We can bring this topic up in our meeting this year and have a discussion on the matter.

The winners of the scholarships for 2018 are as follows with the Alumni

Member they are related to:

Miss Bailey Kasprzyk
Daughter to Coach Gene Kasprzyk – Corpus Christi, Texas

Miss Camryn Lee
Granddaughter to Coach Jack Lee – Pollok, Texas

Miss Bo Morris
Granddaughter to Coach Mike Pallanez – Alpine, Texas

These three young ladies will be attending the convention and Hall of Fame ceremonies, so stop and give them a “Howdy Do”, I am sure they will appreciate the gesture!!

The speaker representing the Alumni Association this year is Coach Randy Talley from Rockwall, Texas. Coach Talley is a great speaker, motivator and clinician.

His topic to be discussed is the “Do’s and Don’ts in Beginning a Successful Baseball Program”. I hope you can pass the word about Coach Talley’s presentation, this is the third year we have had a speaker and the previous
speakers have been outstanding in their presentations and we all well attended by the coaches attending the clinic, and we expect the same from Coach Talley as well. Popcorn and soda will be at a premium so pass the word to get there early so as not to be left out!!

“The Good Enough for Whoever its For Alumni Band” will perform Thursday evening at an undisclosed spot at the convention for the time being. There is a rumor that an agent from Nashville will be there to view the proceedings, remember it is rumored!

The exact area is yet to be determined. When the word is passed as to where it can be found come and sing along, do a little toe tapp’n and knew slap’n, so come and have a good time! The band is like good liquor and wine, they get better with age, their only problem is with Al…………’s, they sometimes just
mumble and can’t remember the words, I don’t want to say it outright, might give them bad luck!

The coaches being inducted into the Texas High School Baseball Coaches
Association Hall of Fame this year are:

Coach K. Scott Lee from Carthage High School, Carthage, Texas.

Coach Woody Champagne from CY Fair High School, Cypress, Texas.

Be sure to attend the Hall of Fame Banquet on Friday evening of the convention and watch how these coaches after being announced, get tongue tied when they begin to speak, makes you wonder how they can communicate with ball players and umpires during a game!?

They are most deserving and are very humbled when the award is finally given to them. Hope to see you there if you decide to go to the convention. Again, please make plans to attend the ceremonies and give your seal of approval for these two fine and exceptional baseball coaches for their induction into the Texas High School Baseball Coaches Association Hall of Fame for 2019.

To date we have 87 coaches that have re-register for 2019 at the time of this writing. I would say that we could have at least 90 plus by the time we go to Waco, which would make it the most we have ever had before the convention. We ended up 2018 with the membership at 150, so we have been increasing our
membership little by little each year.

Chip will get your credentials back to you as quickly as possible, if you decide to go to Waco, and get your credentials there, he can have them done for you in a jiffy, no long wait to get it done.

We do have a request from one of our members, Coach Kyle Hope, he has been living in Arkansas for the past few years and wants to get back into coaching. His sources have more or less dried up since he has been living out of state. If by chance you know of any openings you could give Kyle a shout, it would help him a little in getting an interview. Here are his particulars:

Kyle Hope, 824 North Park, Arkadelphia, Arkansas, 71923 – 214.642.9409

Give him a shout if you know of an opening or know an Athletic Director he can contact, I know that he will be glad to get any help possible. Just another service that our retired association can do to help any coach, retired or active!

We also have the Honorary Coaches that were selected for the All-Star Game in June at the Express Ball Diamond in Round Rock. From the looks of the list, there will be a few hundred years of experience roaming the dugouts and from side to side along the bench.

Those Coaches are as follows:

North Coaches

Coach Julian Pressly – Odessa High School, Odessa ISD, Odessa, Texas

Coach Calvin Wells – Dallas Kimble High School, Dallas ISD, Dallas, Texas

South Coaches

Coach Chip Nila – Spring Woods High School, Spring Branch ISD, Houston, Texas

Coach Diz Reeves – San Antonio ISD, San Antonio. Texas

It will be good to see these coaches get a little chalk on those cleats again instead of dust from the bottom of the closet!!

Our utmost goal in having the retired coaches association is to keep you involved and up to date on what is happening in Texas High School Baseball. If you have any comments or suggestions on what we can do to make things better, either within our organization or in the newsletters please give us your
honest opinions, they will be most appreciated!

The New Year is but a few hours away and I want to wish you a most enjoyable and prosperous 2019!


Joe Ray

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