Texas Alumni High
School Baseball Coaches Association
January 2019
Greetings to all,                                                                                          
There is a chill in the air, a real cool chill, a storm has been brewing in the North, the forecast for the upcoming week is a low of -45 degrees and a high of -4, it doesn’t get that cold in my refrigerator or freezer! But in the South, especially Texas, we brew Lone Star and cut grass in straight even lines 12 months out of the year. Anyway it’s Baseball Season throughout the State of Texas! Play Ball!!! The event of the year has taken place one more time in Waco. The annual Texas High School Baseball Coaches Association Convention convened at the Hilton Hotel in Waco, Texas. The speakers were great and the exhibits were fantastic, it would take you at least a good hour and half to go through, visit and take a good look at each booth that Coach Armando Sedeno booked for the convention. And speaking of Coach Sedeno, he helped to provide the Retired Coaches Association with space for our tables to be set up, that was a very nice gesture on his part, Thanks Armando!! The exhibit hall was packed to say the least and it was full of coaches looking to square away any equipment needs before the start of this coming Baseball season.
The main speaker for the banquet was John Smolz, Hall of Fame pitcher from the Atlanta Braves. He gave a very insightful look into what he did as a pitcher and what he did as an individual to prepare for his turn to pitch in the Atlanta rotation.
Now here is the kicker for the whole convention ta da! There was a bus that ran from the Waco Hilton Convention Center to George’s Tavern, hot dam, isn’t change great! The bus would run once every hour, to and from the Convention Center. It was jam packed both ways, all day. This kind thought and novel idea, was introduced as the Waco Welcome to those in attendance of the convention. Next thing you know that will happen will be bus service to Joanna and Chip’s Magnolia Silos. I know for a fact that it was packed with all the wives that came to Waco for the convention. They have some real nice inventory at the Silo’s as can be attested to by all the credit card action that occurred! But it is a nice place for the wives to go to while the husbands are attending the Convention. There was a long line around the corner and up the block at the bakery, they could have sold coffee in line and people would go nuts with the smell from the bakery, it smelled scrumpdillilishous! Another happening has taken place. A lot of the ole eating places we used to go to have had a face lift and new names put on the front door. And new buildings have also sprung up to take the place of some old ones, again progress in the works! We had our annual meeting of the Retired Coaches Association on Friday 11 January 2019. The meeting was very well attended, approximately forty members were in attendance. At the meeting we discussed various things, one of them was the correct way in which to nominate a coach for the Texas High School Baseball Coaches Hall of Fame. It was discussed that in order to nominate a coach, a nomination form must be filled out. That form can be found on the THSBCA web site, under forms. We encourage you to fill out the correct form, when the form is filled out and submitted it goes to Rex Sanders and in turn that form is sent to Chip Nila for processing. The Coaches that were inducted into the Texas High School Coaches Association Hall of Fame for this year are:
Scott Lee from Carthage High School, Carthage, Texas
Woody Champaign from Cy Fair High School, Houston, Texas.
We are pleased that both of these coaches are members of the Retired Coaches Association as well.
More discussion was made concerning the selection of coaches for the All-Star Game. On your registration sheet is a place that asks if you have ever been selected as an All-Star Coach. We take the information from that sheet and give it to the selection committee for their decision of those coaches to be selected for the All-Star Game. Most of the coaches have checked that part of the registration, those that haven’t will be getting a call or e-mail asking if they indeed have or have not been selected as an All-Star Game Coach.
The All- Star Game Coaches for this year are as follows:
North Squad:
Julian Pressly – Odessa High School, Odessa, Texas                                             
Calvin Wells – Dallas Kimble High School, Dallas Texas
South Squad:
Chip Nila – Spring Woods High School, Houston Texas                                             
Diz Reeves – San Antonio ISD, San Antonio, Texas
Note: Diz was a player for Coach Presley during his playing days. Ole Diz said he will not be running to the fence and back to loosen up them ole muscles and bones regardless of what Coach Presley says! This remains to be seen! My money is on Coach Pressly!!!  
Our clinician for this year was Coach Randy Talley, from Rock Wall High School, Rock Wall, Texas. He spoke to the main association coaches on the subject of “THE DO’S AND DON’TS ON STARTING A BASEBALL PROGRAM “. His session was very well attended, Coach Talley had them from the word go and they were like putty in his hands! He had a great presentation and did a very commendable job. Three scholarships were awarded this year by our association for 2019. We normally give out two scholarships each year which is our budget, but we had three applicants and we felt that with only three then we could give a third. Since it takes 50 members to pay for one scholarship and we had reached the 150 member mark we could get by this time and award three scholarships.
The three recipients of our scholarship were as follows:
Miss Bo Morris – Alpine High School – Alpine, Texas - Granddaughter of Coach Mike Pallanez
Miss Bailey Kasprzyk – Corpus Christi Ray High School – Corpus Christi Texas - Daughter of Coach Gene Kasprzyk
Miss Camryn Lee – Central High School – Lufkin, Texas – Granddaughter of Coach Jack Lee
In the future we will form a committee to help screen the applicants that apply if that number is more than 3. Your dues are the heart and soul of these scholarship each year. Our goal is to increase the amount given to each candidate and still keep the amount of scholarships to two that are given out. That is the reason we would like to see out membership grow. We have discussed the possibility of having a pod cast at four different times of the year. The Convention in Waco, the State Tournament in Round Rock, the All-star Game in Round Rock and a fourth in August as a recap of the yer. Randy Talley and Gene Kasprzyk said they would lend their expertise and investigate what more we need to do to get this project up and running. We have been given an idea on the cost of the equipment that would take to use in broadcasting a podcast and that was in the neighborhood of $1500. If there are any of your ex-ballplayers that would be interested in donating to our equipment fund, we would be more than glad to talk to them. More information on this will be sent out as the year progresses. If you have not sent in your dues for this year you can use the registration form that is attached to this e-mail. Membership as of today is 117 for 2019, so we are not too far off of where we ended up from last year at 150. There have been coaches that will be members for the first time that have given us a good sign that we could approach around 175 members if everyone that was a member last year registers for this year. Remember, the dues are only $20.00 that has not changed and we don’t charge a late fee. So send those registrations into Chip if you have not already done so please. As a way of honoring each one of our members during the year we will be calling you on your birthday to wish you a Very Happy Birthday. I just look into my little magic book of important dates and will give you a call and who knows I could even break into song and sing a little birthday tune to you as well. So get ready to hear the voice of the lead singer of the Famous Alumni Band – Better known as the “Good Enough Who Ever Its for Band” and those sweet vocal chords of yours truly. We did have a very untimely incident during the Convention, Coach Dale Westmoreland, went down for the count, he suffered a blockage in his Urethra Franklin and had to be taken to the hospital. He was taken to the emergency room and was taken care of very quickly and was out of the hospital within a day or so. He is resting very comfortably in Magnolia, Texas. ……Update on Dale, he is having things taken care of as of today and is doing fine, a little more time in the hospital but things should be better in the long run. He is one of the DooWop backup singers in the band, so keep him in your thoughts and prayers. Remember the use your membership card, it will get you into any high school or college baseball game in the state of Texas! I always thought Baseball Umpires were the worst at making close calls but how those things have changed in the NFL, a rule was broken and not enforced but guess what has been revealed? There is one referee and 7 officials, plus the use of 29 replay cameras and they cannot get the call right, they of course have taken over the umpires as they are worst of all time!! The Super Bowl is just around the corner so hope you are stocking up on all the goodies to serve and consume during the game. It will be an interesting matchup, West Coast vs the East Coast!! Good luck to your favorite team! Well what do you know? I got through all that and didn’t leave anything out, I don’t think anyway. I do hope that this newsletter provides a little insight into what took place at the convention, we realize that not all will go to the convention and this helps coaches to catch up on things. Like I said before the Season is upon us, so get those stadium chair seats dusted and ready to use. Go to Costco, Sam’s or Walmart and get your big bags of seeds, peanuts and double bubble chewing gum! Remember you never outgrow your need for those things. Hope to see you along the sidelines at a game or two, give us a shout if you have any problems or ideas that you would like to share.
Take care and good health to you and your family,
Joe Ray Halsey                                                                                                         
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